Delivery Service in Dubai

Delivery Service in Dubai

We are a leading delivery service company in Dubai. We provide delivery service in Dubai and all over the UAE. Our company is professional in providing delivery services. Delivery services companies are playing an important role in different businesses. Online shopping and ordering groceries and food items are much more common these days. Customers mostly prefer home deliveries instead of wasting time and waiting for long queues. Moreover increasing traffic on roads is also a big concern. Therefore, in this modern world, everyone is looking for home deliveries to avoid all these problems. Hence supermarkets, shops, restaurants and online stores need a delivery partner who can deliver for them. This solution is provided by delivery services companies by delivering these items and foods to customers at their doorstep.

Further, our company offers special services for special events. Moreover, we arrange gift distribution services during special events, marriages, parties and religious events. Moreover, we do quick pickup and delivery operations as well. Moreover, we remove the burden of storage that troubles people by delivering their parcels. Furthermore, our company offers same-day delivery services and next day delivery services as well.

Best on Demand Delivery Services

NADS delivery services company also provides on-demand delivery services. In fact, we are one of the best on-demand delivery service companies in Dubai. Moreover, we also take care of your parcels and deliver them on time. This on-time delivery of your items and parcels is acquired by our whole team including our customer services staff, our drivers, and bikers. Moreover, NADS Delivery Services company uses advanced technologies and tracking systems to ensure on-time delivery at your specified location. You can also track your shipments using our delivery app. These factors make us the best delivery services company and the perfect choice for businesses and people looking for delivery services in Dubai and even in the whole UAE. Hence we are the first and preferred choice for all as we follow efficient planning and smooth operations.

Moreover, we are providing different delivery options. Our company offers a wide range of delivery options such as express services, standard delivery services, same day delivery services and next day delivery services. Hence our valuable customers can choose the most suitable delivery option.NADS delivery services company is an efficient and on time delivery services provider company in Dubai. Further, we have our advanced tracking system. Hence our customers can track their shipments in real time.

Delivery Service in Dubai

Last Mile Delivery Service in UAE

We provide last mile Delivery Service in Dubai and all over UAE. Our company provides different delivery options to our valuable clients. Last mile delivery services are for those clients who just need to get a ready parcel delivered. We play a key role in the delivery of your parcel at your desired location. This last mile delivery job is made possible by using delivery vans and delivery bikes. We collect ready-to-ship packages from online stores or shops and deliver them directly to clients. Furthermore, we ensure the safety and on time delivery of your parcels. Our delivery drivers and bikers are professionals for this job. You must stay relaxed and we will arrange your parcel delivery at your anywhere.

Express Delivery Service

Delivery Van on Rent

NADS delivery service company provides delivery van service for delivery purposes all over Dubai and in the whole UAE. Our company has a large fleet of different kinds and capacities of delivery vans. Further, delivery vans are the best option for the delivery of heavy and large-sized parcels. Vans can also accommodate a large number of parcels. Delivery vans are a safe medium for delivery of parcels are vans are closed and have large spaces. This enclosed body of delivery vans also helps to cope with environmental conditions. Additionally, we equip these vans with special devices for delivery work. Moreover, these vans are of different types and capacities. We provide delivery vans on a contract basis.

Delivery vans are available with drivers and without drivers as well. Mostly we provide delivery van rental with driver as we have expert delivery drivers. These drivers can deliver in better way. Further, our fleet has almost all kinds of delivery vans from some prominent automobile manufacturers.

Delivery Van Rental in Dubai

Delivery bike Service

Our company provides Motorcycle/ Bike Delivery Service all over Dubai and UAE. Bike delivery service is mostly used for food delivery, document delivery, grocery delivery and other courier services. Further Delivery bikes have boxes for delivery of different items and parcels. Bike delivery service is the most popular delivery medium as we can readily reach anywhere. Additionally, we can avoid traffic jams using delivery bikes. We can reach easily anywhere. Further bike delivery service is the most economical form of delivery service as bikes don’t consume too much fuel. Hence restaurants, groceries and other parcels are shipped using delivery bikes.

Moreover, NADS Delivery Services Co. LLC is the UAE’s RTA-approved delivery bike service provider company. Bike delivery services are available for organizations, individuals and restaurants.

Delivery Bike Service in Dubai

Pickup and Delivery Service

NADS Delivery Services Co. LLC is a delivery services company that provides pickup and delivery services all over Dubai and UAE. We can pick up a parcel from anywhere and deliver it to your desired location. Pick-up and delivery services can benefit you in sending or receiving parcels without going anywhere. We also pick up your parcels and deliver your shipments all over Dubai & UAE. Our drivers and bike riders reach every possible place to pick up your parcel and deliver it accordingly. Hence they arrange pickup and delivery services all around Dubai.

We have a nationwide network of delivery van drivers and bike riders to collect and deliver your parcel in a timely manner. Further, we always try to arrange pickup and delivery of your parcels or shipments on an urgent basis across the UAE. We also provide Timely, fast & quick delivery services. Moreover, you can track your shipments all the time using our website or by using our app. Hence you will have full peace of mind.

Our Services

Our company provide delivery service, delivery van services, bike delivery services, same day delivery services, next day delivery services and pickup and delivery service in Dubai

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Same Day Delivery

NADS delivery service provides express delivery services on the same day for local & national delivery. We also deliver your shipments all over Dubai in just 30 minutes.

Next Day Delivery

We also provide next day delivery services in Dubai and all over the UAE. If you want to deliver something on next day. We can arrange pickup and delivery service in Dubai for you.

Bike Delivery

We provide Motorcycle/ Bike Delivery Service all over Dubai and UAE. Bike delivery service is mostly used for food delivery, document delivery, grocery delivery and other courier services.

Delivery Van Rental

NADS delivery service company provide delivery van service for delivery purpose. We have a large fleet of delivery vans for rent. Further, we provide delivery van services all over Dubai and UAE.

ECommerce Delivery

Our company also provides solutions for e-commerce delivery. We offer e-commerce delivery services all over Dubai. You can free from the headache of delivery services.

Grocery Delivery

We offer a grocery delivery service across the UAE. Our professional team of drivers picks up your grocery from your favorite grocery store and deliver them to your doorstep.

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Why Choose Us

NADS delivery service company provides Delivery Services in Dubai and all over the UAE. We are a leading delivery service company in Dubai. Our company also provides different delivery options. Delivery services are available as express delivery services, same day delivery services and next day delivery services.

Expert Drivers

We also have professional drivers for bulk deliveries all over Dubai and UAE.

Experience Riders

Our professional team of delivery bike riders is always on standby for small deliveries.

Guarantee Service

On time delivery and quality services are guaranteed from us.

Trusted Work​

We are a trusted, safe and secure delivery service providing company

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Pro Delivery Service in Dubai

We are a professional and dedicated service-oriented pro delivery services company in Dubai. Our goal is to fulfill the complete shipping requirements for all our clients.

Furthermore, we offer delivery solutions to individuals and companies. NADS delivery service company provides multiple delivery options for our valuable clients. We offer all kinds of delivery operations. If someone need their package delivery on urgent basis, we provide express delivery srevices. Some customers don’t need an urgnet delivery, we offer them same day or next day delivery services. Moreover, we offer the fastest delivery in Dubai. Furthermore, we use advanced tracking systems for our customers to track their shipments. Customers can track their shipmetns all the time. Hence cutomers are fully aware about their shipments and can enquire and check delivery status.Through these systems, we update our customers with the status and location of any shipment throughout the delivery process. Hence we can assist you in assessing the best services.


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