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Delivery Service

We are a leading delivery service company in Dubai. We provide Delivery Services in Dubai and all over the UAE. You can get multiple delivery options from us that suit your requirements. Sometimes customers need something on an urgent basis. We have express or urgent delivery services for such customers. Moreover, Our company provides same day delivery services and next day delivery services. Same Day or next day delivery services are for those customers who don’t need an urgent delivery of their parcels. Furthermore our customers can also customize delivery options as per their requirements.
Moreover, our company also provides a unique solution for corporate deliveries which suits different businesses. Further, we also arrange special delivery services for special events. During these special events we arrange gifts and other itmes delivery services.
NADS delivery services company also provides delivery bike services in Dubai. We also arrange pickup and delivery service in Dubai for you.
Further, our company provides all kinds of delivery service at an affordable cost. Moreover NADS delivery services company also offers food delivery services for restaurants, cafes and food chains outlets. You may get your meal delivery services to enhance your business. Our company also offers delivery van rental services. We provide vans with professional drivers to deliver your itmes all around. Hence we are proud to be one of the best on demand delivery service companies in Dubai.

Delivery Services in Dubai

NADS Delivery Services Company provides Delivery Services in Dubai. Our company offers multiple delivery options to businesses and individuals as well. You may have express delivery services if you need something delivered on an urgent basis. We can arrange a pickup for you all over Dubai in 20 minutes. Further, you can get same day delivery services from us in case you need item delivery on the same day. There is also another delivery option available for those businesses or customers that don’t need urgent item delivery. We offer next day delivery services for such businesses and customers. You also have the option to customize your delivery as per your requirements. We can pick up your parcel from your desired location and deliver it accordingly.

Moreover, we use delivery bikes and delivery vans for delivery services. Mostly we use delivery bikes for smaller deliveries and delivery vans for the delivery of heavy or large items. These bikes and vans also have special boxes and storage areas for all kinds of deliveries. Hence delivery items are placed safely. These boxes also provide additional safety from environmental conditions.

Delivery Service Company in Dubai
Delivery Service Company in Dubai

Pickup and Delivery Services in Dubai

Our company offers pickup and delivery services in Dubai. We are a well reputed delivery service company in Dubai. You can get Pickup and Delivery Services from us. Sometimes you need to send or receive any parcel. Hence we do this job for you. We can pick up your parcel from anywhere within Dubai and we can deliver it anywhere. and all over the UAE. We pick up your parcel and deliver it to your doorstep.

Further, we provide urgent pickup and delivery services in Dubai as well. If you need to deliver items urgently, we can pick up your item within 20 minutes. Hence, we can arrange instant pickup and delivery for you. Moreover, our pickup and delivery services are affordable and you can get multiple delivery options as well.

Delivery Vehicle Rental

We also provide delivery van service for businesses in Dubai. The delivery van carries a large amount of cargo and delivery items. Hence we use these delivery vans for delivery of such heavy or large items. Different businesses need delivery vans for delivery purposes. It is not a good idea to buy vans for delivery as these are expensive. Hence companies hire delivery vans from other delivery rental companies to fulfill their delivery service requirements. Our company provides delivery vehicle rental services all around. Further, we have a large fleet of delivery vehicles to meet customer requirements.

Moreover, delivery vans have different capacities. We provide these vans on a contract basis. Further delivery vehicles are available with drivers and without drivers as well.

Toyota Hiace Delivery Van on Rent
Toyota Hiace Delivery Van on Rent

Delivery Bike service in Dubai

NADS delivery services company provides Motorcycle/ Delivery bike rental Services in Dubai. Delivery bike rental services are mostly used for food delivery, document delivery, grocery delivery, and other courier services. .

Further, the delivery bikes have boxes that are specially designed for commercial use. Delivery bike rental services are available for cafes, supermarkets, groceries and restaurants. Further, we have professional bike riders. These bike riders can deliver items efficiently. Further bikes are the fastest mode of delivery services within city areas as these can reach anywhere instantly.

Delivery Bike Rental Service in Dubai
Delivery Bike Rental Service in Dubai
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